About Funk Shui

ali ravan




His adventures in the scene would bring him in close contact with some of the most notable djs that San Francisco has to offer, including…BB Hayes, Norman Stradley, Demilo, Bugie, Behrouz and many others. The friendships formed with these djs would later inspire Ali to follow his own musical dream.

In 1995, a chance encounter at a BGP event brought him into contact with veteran nightclub promoter and dj booking agent, Lori Million. The two would form a long standing partnership with the launch of several ongoing events, and eventually lead the pair to the Winter Music Conference in Miami. With a box of business cards and several friends who could really dance, they formed the well known GOGOTRIBE dance team. This venture allowed them the opportunity to share the stage with the likes of Cyndi Lauper, Dirty Vegas, 112, Alice DeeJay, Weezer and many others. However ALI’s passion for dancing was surpassed by his love of music. He knew he could move a crowd with his showmanship as a dancer, but what he really wanted was to move a crowd with the music that he loved. With several events running, Club Exotica, Penthouse 525, and the FAMOUS party, ALI began jumping on the turntables as a special treat for his guests. By the start of 2003, ALI had fine tuned his mixing skills and was spinning as resident DJ in several bay area clubs. His sets at his own events, as well as those at the Persia SF events would land him a weekly residency at San Francisco’s Glas Kat Supper Club.

2005 brought a stroke of luck ALI’s way when girlfriend & partner, Lori Million, discovered her long time friend Jay-J Hernandez, was considering selling his famed Moulton Studios and heading to NYC. After much consideration, Ali resolved himself into a partnership with friend, Joseph Sartuche of JAS LIMOUSINES, and his brother, Mehdi Ravan, in the purchase of Moulton Studios. Moulton Studios is, once again, in transition. Ali retains limited partnership, but is currently focusing on other entertainment related ventures.


Client List Includes:

  1. ★AURA Nightclub – Pleasanton CA
  2. ★Zebra Lounge – San Francisco CA
  3. ★Boss Nightclub – San Francisco CA
  4. ★Heights Lounge – San Francisco CA
  5. ★Gravity Lounge – San Francisco CA
  6. ★Club 443 – San Francisco CA
  7. ★Thirsty Bear – San Francisco CA
  8. ★Roe – San Francisco CA
  9. ★Bambuddha Lounge – San Francisco
  10. ★ICON Ultra Lounge – San Francisco CA
  11. ★Suite 181 – San Francisco CA
  12. ★The Factory – San Francisco CA
  13. ★1015 Folsom – San Francisco CA
  14. ★Spin Lounge – Walnut Creek CA
  15. ★Avalon Nightclub – Sunnyvale CA
  16. ★Rouge – San Francisco CA
  17. ★Circolo – San Francisco CA